Steps in the Buying Process

The Buying Process Detail:

  1. Start by listening.   We begin with a meeting to discuss your goals and a review of the home purchase process.
  2. We will discuss how you are represented in our relationship and review the required New York State Agency Disclosure.  We will ask you to sign it verifying that you are aware of how you are being represented by us.
  3. We will review a Buyer’s Contract outlining the responsibilities of both parties.  We will provide you our obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality , accountability,  and reasonable care, and ask you to be loyal to us in return.
  4. We will direct you to an outstanding loan officer for a mortgage pre-approval or second opinion on your current approval. 
  5. Locate and show available properties currently on the market from any company including For Sale By Owners. 
  6. We will us the technology provided by our company to locate properties as soon as they come on the market.
  7. We will always honor the parameters you set regarding the price, style and area.  We ask that you inform us immediately should any of these change. 
  8. We will tour properties, honoring your price limits and parameters, taking note of  the  strengths and weaknesses of each property.
  9. Direct you on where to go to retrieve important information about the neighborhood, schools, community activities, and organizations.
  10. When you decide on a property you wish to make an offer on, we will prepare a market analysis of recent sales and activity to help you better position your offer with recent data. 
  11. We will prepare the Contract of Sale, along with required Addendums and Riders. We will review and explain it to you and get your signature either in person or electronically.
  12. We will keep your bargaining and financial position confidential.
  13. We will advise you regarding the number (if any) of other offers being submitted.
  14. We will present your offer, negotiate only on your behalf, and consult with you regarding counter-offers if any.
  15. Upon acceptance we will submit the contract to your attorney for approval and help you arrange your Home Inspection.
  16. Following the Inspection we will prepare the Property Inspection Notice Addendum (PINA) and submit it the the listing agent and attorneys.   We will negotiate repairs (if any).
  17. Provide you with our directory of trusted contacts for any other inspections you may desire. i.e. HVAC, electric, roofing etc. for additional guidance.
  18. We will follow the transaction throughout the closing process keeping you informed as we progress.
  19. We will provide you with the contact information to set up the accounts for your utilities.
  20. Arrange for a final walk-through before closing to insure that the property is broom clean and any repairs agreed upon have been completed.
  21. We will arrange for your keys, and celebrate closing day with you!
  22. We well remain in touch with you, ready to provide you with any referrals you may need for repairmen or contractors in the future.   
  23. We will keep you informed on the market activity in your new neighborhood!
  24. We will appreciate the referral of your friends, relatives and co-workers and thank you for being an advocate for our business!